Classic Super Stock Rules
The intent of this class is to bring an affordable way to start drag racing. It will also allow sleds that are not quite vintage, yet no longer competitive in Stock and Improved Stock classes, a chance to race and compete. This is a entry level/starter class for 1983-1995 model year sleds with limited modifications. In many cases, a sled could be purchased and raced for less than the the cost of a mini-120 sled.
The model year limits are designed to class the sleds that are newer than true vintage, but older than some of the technology changes that occurred in the mid 90's.  Many sleds 1996 and newer can still be quite competitive in the current improved stock classes.

We plan on running 2 classes of Classic Super Stock for 2017.

Classic Super Stock - Sport - Sleds up to and including 600 CC's displacement
Classic Super Stock - Muscle - Sleds over 600 CC's displacement 

As this is a stock based class, the list of modifications allowed is limited. Internal cylinder modifications (porting and head work) and exhaust modifications are allowed but not too much else.  Stock hoods, seats, fuel tanks, cooling systems and suspensions are required. 
This should be a really fun new class for the season which will allow for a very affordable way to race. So dig those old sleds out of the grass and let's see some classic rivalries play out on the snow the way they did back in the day!