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Deep Snow Super Stock

A class intended for off- trail / mountain ridden snowmobiles that may not be competitive in regular stock/improved competition classes.  It’s designed for a racer to bring out their sled that is trail / mountain ridden on a regular basis and allow them to compete.  This is basically a stock-based class with bolt-on parts/accessories.  Tether cords are mandatory.

1. Track and Suspension

  • Minimum 141” length track with minimum 1.75” lug height

  • No traction devices (studs/picks/chisels) allowed.

  • Must have a full travel suspension with no tie-downs.  If equipped with air shocks, they must be inflated to full regular trail riding pressures.

  • OE front and rear suspensions required. Shock changes allowed.

  • Idler wheel additions/changes/removals allowed.

 2. Engine

  • No internal engine modifications allowed.  Stock head(s) must be used.

  • Aftermarket pipe and/or muffler (can) allowed.  Four stroke turbo sleds must use stock header but aftermarket muffler allowed.

  • Air box / air intake changes allowed as long as they don't create a ram air power adding effect.

  • ECU reprogramming/flashing allowed.

  • No launch control or stutter allowed.

3. Body

  • Must retain all OE appearance panels

  • Vent holes covered with screens allowed

  • Aftermarket seats allowed as long as they are of OE height/width/length

  • No aftermarket tunnels allowed.

  • Running board changes allowed.

  • Headlight and taillights required.

  • Any handle bars and risers allowed.

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