Open Stock & Open Improved

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Open Stock

All snowmobiles must follow ISR rules and weights in stock form. 

2 Stroke -  Any stock qualified snowmobile as outlined in ISR rules with the exception of allowing an aftermarket muffler 

4 Stroke - Any stock production 4stroke, no modifications to engine,turbo. Oem waste gate and blowoff valve required.

Modifications allowed include 
- ecu flash or boondocker  
- charge tubes may be changed but must remain oem diameter 


Open Improved

2 Stroke - Improved Stock qualified sleds allowed to a maximum of 800 cc's 

4 Stroke - Any production 4stroke, no modifications to engine,turbo. Waste gate and blowoff valve changes/replacement allowed.

Modifications allowed include 
- ecu flash or boondocker 
- down pipe and straight pipe (header must remain oem) 
- charge tubes may be change but must remain oem diameter 
- aftermarket air intake (must be under hood and can not alter oem appearance) 

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