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2022-2023 Classes and Rules

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

After considering feedback on our proposed classes and rules for the upcoming season, we have made refinements and posted them on the Classes page of the site.

As a result of significant feedback, there will be 2 classes in the mountain category, Deep Snow Super Stock and Mountain Open. Minor changes in Deep Snow should incorporate sleds from the removed Mountain Improved class.

Rather than using the last posted weights by the ISR for snow drags, we have adopted the latest weights used on ice and grass. Again this change was a result of feedback received.

The Classes page outlines the updated classes and rules and contains links to the Weight Reference Chart as well as the exceptions we have made to the ISR rules.

We have attempted to strike a balance of many factors including simplification and increased participation, and would like to thank all those who sent us their thoughts. We would also like to remind everyone that the race director may re-classify any sled in the interest of fair competition.



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