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2022-2023 Season Proposed Class and Rule Changes

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We are considering changes for the upcoming season to the classes and the rules for them. The guiding thoughts behind these changes are:

  • Streamline existing classes

  • Simplify tech and registration

  • More closely align class structure with other races in western Canada

  • Increase participation in remaining classes

  • Align with the realities of new model sleds on the market

  • Keep racing more affordable in lower classes and for entry level racers

With that in mind, the following is a recap of the proposed changes:

- Eliminated classes, Amateur Stock, Mountain Improved, Mountain Open, Open Mod 1000, Top 2 Stroke

- Mini 120 and 200 are now totally stock as produced by the manufacturer. Any deviations from the way the sled was produced moves it to Mini-Pro

- Aftermarket silencers allowed in stock on naturally aspirated 2 stroke sleds.

- Classic Super Stock sleds will be allowed to move up to and compete in Stock (previously had to move to Improved Stock)

- No turbo sleds in Pro 1000. Moved to Pro Open without turbo restrictions (if they meet Pro-Stock chassis/body/suspension rules). Turbo sleds (2 Stroke and 4 Stroke) are now placed in Open Stock, Open Improved, and Open Pro Stock according to their modifications (class consistency)

- Pro Open allows for pro-stock style sleds with greater than 1000 CC 2-stroke engines and one power adder.

- No fuel testing in Pro classes and above. Fuel testing remains for Classic, Stock, Improved Stock and Deep Snow Super Stock.

- Outlaw class runs 4 wide. Will have a second chance type format (TBD), pays out finishes like other classes (not just winner takes all)

Sanctioned Classes:

- Mini - 120, 200, Pro

- Classic Super Stock - Sport, Muscle

- Deep Snow Super Stock

- Stock - 600, 700, 800, 1000, Open

- Improved - 600, 700, 800, 1000, Open

- Pro Stock - 600, 700, 800, 1000, Open

- Outlaw

Rules for Classic and Deep Snow Super Stock will be as last season and are already posted on the site. Rules for Stock, Improved and Pro will be based on ISR rules with the notable exceptions listed in the linked document below. Weights will be as per the weight chart linked below.

These are our proposals and we are looking for your feedback. Drop a comment on our Facebook page or contact our webmaster at and he will compile the responses.



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