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Ardmore 2023 - WCC - Race Report

Last year the Ardmore Motorsports Group said they would step up and would like to host the Western Canadian Championships in 2023. Well step up they did, what a great event! Fantastic organizing and hosting with great sponsor support meant the total purse was just short of $25,000. Warmed bleachers, Ed the announcer, good food, and good people all made for an event to remember. I think we even saw a Lazy Boy couch set up behind the pit area, but I’m not sure whose that was. Saturday night featured a banquet with a great dinner and the 2022 SSRA Championship Points winners were recognized (more on that later). Please visit the Ardmore Motorsports Group Facebook page for details and be sure to thank all their volunteers and sponsors.

Over 100 sleds rocketed down the excellent track prepared by Shane Regnier. It setup perfectly in the cold conditions Saturday night to make for some blazing passes during the finals on Sunday. Racers were doing anything they could to try for the win and several lane marker pylons were pummeled in the attempt.

The competition may have been the strongest it has been this year. Some circuit favorites rose to the top once again and some old familiar names came out and made some noise as well.

It was the largest turnout of Juniors that we have seen this year but Casey Duperon on his ’95 XCR was able to get the win.

Another win by the Arnold Racing Classic Muscle sled meant that they were able to clinch the points championship in that class.

Speaking of the points races; not 1, not 2, but 3 Stock classes are now in a dead tie for first following this race with only 1 race to go. The last race of the year in Meadow Lake is going to have some added excitement for sure!

I mentioned some old familiar names made a return. One of the most notable was the lightning fast blue Polaris of GPL Racing from Ile A La Crosse which streaked to the win in Pro Stock Open.

In Deep Snow Super Stock, popular racer Jon Mandseth got a loud round of applause when he came up to collect his first win of the season. The same happened for Ardmore local Ryan Wozny for his win in Improved 800.

The Outlaw final was a fast one, but laying claim to the quickest sled at the Western Canadian Championship was the turbo charged “Pumpkin” of the 54 North Performance team. Well done!

A lot happened during the two days of racing so be sure to check the results for all the details.

Back to the Saturday night banquet. Not only were last season’s championship racers recognized but there was another large and important announcement as well. Long time Race Director and leader of the SSRA, Dale Roger, announced that he was stepping down from the job. Next week’s race in Meadow Lake will be his last in his official capacity with the organization. This writer, who is also stepping back from my duties with the SSRA, would like to join the legion of racers and hosts in thanking him for everything he has done for the sport these last many years. Dale, you have made a difference, and snowmobile racing in western Canada has been better for it. Let’s all get out and enjoy one more race with Dale next week in his home town of Meadow Lake.


Mike LaValley



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