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Ardmore Race Report

Tech Report

- 16 entries were changed to different classes upon being examined in tech. It’s important to note that not all of these changes were due to tech infractions. Some were due to racers being assisted in entering the best class for their sled

- One sled/rider combination was 72 pounds underweight for the entered class and was required to add weight before the race.

- One stock class sled was examined for a possible exhaust system violation. The sled passed as no violation was found.

- For anyone wanting to establish or evaluate their baseline tune, the Relative Air Density before the drivers’ meeting was 100.1%

Race Report

- Some great weather provided for some great racing at Ardmore. The snow was hard and fast and those finding the necessary traction put on a show for the spectators who lined both sides of the track at the excellent Ardmore Motorsports facility.

- The hometown team from 54 North Performance really put on a show making multiple ultra-quick passes on their 1000cc Pro-Sno sled and ended up being fastest of the day, taking the Outlaw final.

- At the other end of the performance spectrum we’d have to point out the Maxceleration Racing team from Calgary. They broke one sled in testing on Saturday which didn’t make the Sunday race as a result. They had a chain drive come apart while crossing the finish line on another sled, and for the second time in two races had to get towed back to the pit area. A third sled of theirs had a cylinder go cold resulting in less than spectacular speeds. And their 4th sled and rider combo just couldn’t get a handle on the track and failed to make the final in a class that they were previously undefeated in prior to this point in the season. Goes to show, you can’t win ‘em all. Better luck next time.

- Great to see the Hall Racing sled from Fort McMurray back out a race. Owner Cheyne Hall was still on the mend from a “lower body injury”, but a hired gun rode his sled to wins in 800 Improved, 1000 Improved, Mtn Improved, and Open Improved picking right up on their winning performance from last season. Congratulations!

- In what proved to be a very popular exhibition race, an Officer from Alberta Fish & Wildlife just couldn’t “Beat The Heat” and lost to an Officer from the local RCMP detachment. The RCMP sled flew down the track with red and blue lights a blazing to take the win in this law enforcement shootout.



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