Deep Snow Super Stock Cold Air Intake

The purpose of our new Deep Snow Super Stock class was to increase participation by those with sleds that are mountain ridden regularly. The rules were written with these mountain ridden sleds in mind and to try and encompass the most common improvements these riders are making to their sleds.

It is very common to see vertical cold air intake kits on mountain sleds as it reduces the chance of the deep snow choking off the air intake of the sled, which is most commonly behind the windshield in its stock location. With a filter pointing upward, the rider can monitor the snow buildup on the intake, if it occurs at all. Because this is so common, this style of intake will be allowed in Deep Snow Super Stock as it is keeping in line with the mountain ridden sled theme. Examples of these style of intakes are as follows:

However, there are intakes which are intended to create a "ram air" boosting effect by having the speed of the sled force more air into the intake. This style of intake is not used by mountain riders as it would plug up more easily with snow. As such, this style of intake will not be allowed in Deep Snow Super Stock. Examples of this style of intake which will not be allowed include:

We hope this provides some clarity and we appreciate the interest this new class is generating.

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