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Driftpile Race Report

Tech Report

- BUSY day in tech. 36 entries were changed to different classes upon being examined in tech. It’s important to note that not all of these changes were due to tech infractions. Many were due to racers being assisted in entering the best class for their sled. Still busy though, there were a lot of items found in tech.

- One rider was underweight for the entered class and was required to add weight before the race.

- One sled failed fuel testing, miserably. Luckily the infraction was found before the start of the race and the fuel was replaced and the sled/rider was able to compete.

Race Report

- After visiting Driftpile for the first time last year, one had a feeling that the second annual event was going to be a winner, and it didn’t disappoint! An awesome turnout of both local area racers and those who came from far away enjoyed a fantastic racing surface, some great food and hospitality, and a large crowd of race fans taking in the action. Hats off to the hosts including Starr Saskamoose who brought the event together.

- Great job again by Don Milot who as announced his 5th SSRA race now this season keeping the racers and fans up to speed on the “High Octane, High Horsepower, SSRA Drag Racing Action!”

- And speaking of 5 races, the Driftpile race takes us just past the halfway point of the season.

- And speaking of seasons, it may have well been Christmas, there were far too many red lights to count.

- Did I mention some racers came from far away? The crew from Hay River made the most of their trip attending both Grande Prairie and Driftpile races. We have to mention one of them in particular, 77 year old Ray Shields was rockin’ it and took home the win in Open Mod 1000!

- Last weekend’s host Dwayne Heinz from Wetaskiwin was on fire and raced his way to 5 wins on his own sleds and another as a hired gun. Nice.

- An indicator of the great local racer turnout, there 15 entries in Amateur Stock 800. That’s a bunch of racing and Jim Simmonds prevailed to take the 1st place finish.

- Which brings me to Mike Simmonds from High Prairie. His 800cc Cat seems to get faster at every race and he took the win this race in Improved 800 against some fast competition. Keep it rolling Mike!

- Thanks Driftpile, see you again next year!



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