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Specialty Classes for WCC in Ardmore

We will be running two specialty classes in Ardmore this weekend that fall outside of our normally sanctioned classes. Pro Extreme 55 and Vintage.

Specialty Demonstration Class Pro Extreme 55

Please click the graphic to access the ISR rules page and review the rules for this class. It fits in above Pro Stock and below Outlaw. The engine must be from a stock -qualified snowmobile.

There is no pre-registration for this class and any sleds entering must also be entered in one of our existing sanctioned classes.

Specialty Vintage Classes

We will be having Vintage Classes. No cleated tracks allowed. Most likely there will be 2 classes. One for under 400 cc's and one 400 cc's and over. Classes will be determined based on turnout and in the interest of fair competition. Registration at the track only.



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