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Vermilion 2023 Race Report

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

It was a bright and warm sunny day for the race in Vermilion, Ab. As nice as the weather was and had been in the days leading up to the race, it also made it tough to construct a track. The host Vermilion Ridge Riders did a great job of though of preparing a surface for the race and had their groomer on hand to make sure the conditions were as good as possible.

With the race location being at the end of the local airport, racers and spectators are sometimes treated to a bit of an airshow as well. That was the case on this day also as a light aircraft made a low pass overhead on his final approach to the airport.

The venue was great with good food, a beer garden and firepits all in place for the enjoyment of the large spectator audience.

Tech Notes:

A reminder that tether cords are mandatory to be worn at all times when a sled is running. Their effectiveness was demonstrated at this race as a rider came off his sled near the finish line but the snowmobile stopped quickly and did not run out of control.

We have several classes where sleds with turbochargers are allowed to run. Sleds with stock original equipment turbo chargers are allowed in Open Stock, Open Improved, and Deep Snow Super Stock. Those sleds with non-original or modified turbos are classed in Open Pro Stock, Mountain Open, and Outlaw.

Trivia Question: Which class has had the most sled-rider combinations reclassified/moved to another class this season after going through tech inspection or discussion with race officials? (Answer at the end of this report)

A- Stock

B- Improved Stock

C- Pro Stock

D- Mini/Juniors

Stand Out Performances

The #12 RnR Racing Sled driven by Craig Rowland continues to be highly competitive this season making finals and placing not only in the stock classes but when he moves up into Improved Stock as well. His brother Troy rides the #74 sled in similar classes. Just for fun, ask Troy next time you see him why he isn’t as fast as his brother, he’ll appreciate that.

We also have to mention the Improved 800 sled from the 54 North Performance Team ridden by Bruno Bouliane, which won 1000 Improved last week, 800 Improved this week and placed 2nd in Open Improved as well. Great job Bruno. Bruno also predicted last week that the green Pro-Stock sled from the 54 North Team would win Outlaw this week. Turns out he was bang on the money as it won Outlaw by a nose.

Dean Frey had his Classic Polaris running strong winning both Classic Sport and Classic Muscle.

Mike Moore picked up his first win of the season in Pro Stock Open and also placed second in Outlaw on his turbo charged Yamaha.

Finally, last year’s Mini Pro Champ, Lucas Melnychuck, hasn’t missed a beat this year as he has gone undefeated in the races he has competed in so far this season.

Points Races:

We are now half way through the season and the points races are starting to heat up. The stock 600 and 700 classes look like they are going to be a battle between Dwayne Heinz and Flat Out Racing again this year but currently we have a very tight 3-way contest between Freddy Hebb, RnR Racing and DPH Racing in Stock 800. No one has put Stock 1000 out of reach either so keep an eye on the close competition in stock.

In Improved, the classes of 700, 800, 1000, and Open are all tight races and could go to anyone at this point. Every heat and race is going to make a difference from here on out.

In the very popular Deep Snow Super Stock class, lest year’s winner Freddy Hebb is currently deadlocked with the KDR Racing Team’s new Polaris 900R that is running strong.

Answer to Triva Question: D – Mini/Juniors



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