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Vermilion Race Report

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Vermilion Race Report

The Vermilion Ridge Runners hosted 89 sleds this past Saturday as they competed in their respective classes during this stop on the SSRA 2022 circuit. The unique venue at the end of the local airfield provided not only some great racing action but a bit of an airshow as well. Several light aircraft made a low pass over the track on their final approach into YVG. One pilot whose plane was equipped with skis even taxied down the grass and joined the spectators taking in the high octane, high horsepower SSRA racing action as called by announcer Don Milot.

Tech Report:

- A reminder to all racers that traction products (studs, chisels, screws, etc.) are not allowed in stock and improved stock classes. One racer who intended to compete in improved stock had screw-ins but was fortunate enough to have a power tool with him to remove the screws and run as intended.

- 4 sleds were re-classed after visiting tech. This season, with registration being in a trailer right next to tech, we have had far fewer sled re-classifications compared to previous years. Racers who have questions regarding which class they should run in have had the ability to consult the tech team before registering which has made the whole process run much more smoothly.

Race Report:

- The season points battle is really heating up in Stock 600 with the Heinz 57 Racing entry taking its first victory of the season. Only 10 points separate Dwayne Heinz from the current leader Flat Out Racing and I think this one is going to go right down to the wire in the final race of the season.

- Speaking of tight points races, it doesn’t get any tighter than in the Stock 800 class. A win in Vermilion for Freddy Hebb now has him deadlocked at 90 points with King Pin Racing, and RnR Racing’s Craig Rowland is only 10 points back. This Stock 800 Championship is very much up for grabs between these three racers, but I have a feeling the #316 Overbore Racing entry may have something to say in how it all plays out.

- Tyler Matt from Grande Prairie had a great outing with his sleds taking wins in Pro 600, 700, and 800.

- The Classic Muscle class had a new winner this week with the Arnold Racing Mach Z taking the final just ahead of the XLT of Dean Fry, who was the Classic Sport class victor. While not Classic Muscle qualified, the vintage-era triple-powered Polaris TX of Calvin Robinson gathered a lot of attention and made some nice passes while sounding spectacular in the Pro 700 class.

- The Maxceleration Racing #153 Sidewider M-TX remains undefeated in the fastest of the non-traction product classes, Open Improved Stock. Will it be able to run the table on the season? It remains to be seen as anything can happen in snow drag racing.

- The fastest of the fast on this day however was once again the big 2 stroke entry of Tyler Matt who now has back to back wins in both Top 2 Stoke and Outlaw. Congratulations Tyler!



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