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Pre-Register for a Race!

Pre-registration is highly encouraged for each of our races. All racers, both members and non-members can use this system. You do not submit your fees when pre-registering, fees are collected at registration on race day. Online pre-registration via pc or mobile will improve the accuracy of the racer information that is collected and speed your way through registration on race day! 

· Click the link above to visit the on-line registration form. Please complete one form for each sled that you are entering. If you are an SSRA member, there will be a spot to enter your sled number on the form. If you are not an SSRA member, you will be assigned a sled number during registration on race day so there will be no option to enter a number on the form. 

· Once you have completed the form, click the submit button. If you have missed any required information, it will be highlighted on the form. If everything is correct, you will see a summary of the fees that will be payable during registration at the race. If all looks correct, click the email icon to send your registration. You will receive a confirmation notice via email once your registration is sent.

· All online pre-registration must be complete and received no later than noon Friday prior to race day.

· If you are unsure about what classes you can enter, please contact Dale at 306-240-5373.

· On race day, you must be at registration no later than 10:00am to pay your entry fees and pick up a copy of your registration form. 

· To help us start races on time, it is essential that all racers register on time, late registrations may not be accepted.

· If you have any questions, please email or call Dale or Tyler.

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