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Snowmobile Drag Racing with the Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate

The Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate was born from the former Saskatchewan Snowmobile Racing Association which was first established in 1967 and that makes us one of the oldest snowmobile racing organizations in the world. The SSRA continues to grow, bringing fair and quality racing to the Pro and the One Day Racer.
Our goal is to support the sport of snowmobile drag racing by keeping it safe, fair and fun for all competitors.

There is much involved in the sanctioning of a snowmobile race and the SSRA has the staff and equipment to execute a race in the smoothest possible fashion. Some of the equipment used by the SSRA includes a digital scale for weighing sleds and riders, a Track Mate starting tree and timing system, fuel testing equipment, back-up starting and finish line systems, generators and various other pieces of equipment to facilitate the registration and operation of a snowmobile drag race. Perhaps the most important is our experienced staff which put these tools to use to help host a successful event.


Dale Roger 
Race Director


Dale has been involved in snowmobile racing since he was 14 years old, racing ovals, drags and enduros. His racing career to him all across North America, winning numerous titles and many friends. Racing became a family sport for Dale with his wife and children, all of them participating in races as well. 
About 10 years ago SSRA approached Dale to quit racing for a one year and become Tech Director to help keep racing a fair sport. That one year turned into 10 as Dale has helped grow SSRA to the great race organization it is today. Dale contributes the success of SSRA and the growth of our sport to his staff, family and most of all the racers.

When not at the track, Dale still smells race fuel all day in his job as proprietor at Russ and Dales Small Engine Repair in Meadow Lake. In the off season, Dale spends much of his time managing the family farm and playing with his cows!! 

Dale continues to enjoy each and every weekend with his race family and looks forward to another amazing race season.

Tyler Roger

 Race Director


Tyler started snowmobile racing at the age of 10 as Dale hauled him around every winter. Tyler raced many weekends with his dad travelling through Western Canada winning many titles. Tyler has raced as an SSRA Pro Racer for many years but is now racing less and working more. 

Tyler enjoys his weekends racing with his daughter Jayla tagging along and carrying on the family tradition as the newest racer in the family.

Sherri Roger 
Race Coordinator


Sherri got involved with SSRA about 6 years ago help her husband Dale take SSRA to the next level. Sherri is responsible for scheduling, marketing, registration and everything else that Dale doesn’t want to do. 
Sherri looks forward to each race weekend, as it is not so much a job but time to spend with friends and her race family. During the week Sherri works as an Injury Adjuster for SGI and helps Dale play with his cows. Dale and Sherri have three grown children; Tyler, Ashlee and her husband Joel, Cody and his wife Megan and two grandchildren, Jayla who is also addicted to racing and Remi.

Tonia Alkestrup

Race Coordinator


Tonia was born and raised in Meadow Lake, and was brought up riding ATV’s, sleds and doing all kinds of outdoor things. Her dad put her to work in the shop at a young age, helping him fix things, occasionally they had to go visit Dale to get some tips on how to do things.  After leaving home, she had 3 wonderful children, and moved to Saskatoon to become a hairstylist. A few short years later, she found herself back in Meadow Lake, and dating Dales son Tyler. A few months after being welcomed into the family, Dale asked her to help with racing. 2 years later she's here helping Tyler and Dale do the thing they love!

Mike LaValley

 Tech & Race Assistant, 



Mike has been involved in the sport of snowmobiling since he was old enough to sit upright on a seat, and that's a long time.

Now entering his third decade of competitive racing, he has won races in all four western provinces as well as points championships on both snow and grass. He is also one of the few racers left in western Canada who does his own port design and builds his own engines. As he would be the first to tell you, "When you weigh more than any of the other racers at 250 + pounds, you have to make big power just to compete!"

Being such a long time racer, he understands the perspective of today's competitors and likes to use his knowledge and experience to assist racers and keep the competition safe, fair and fun for everyone. 

Oh ya, he is also our webmaster. So if you like the look of the new site give him a pat on the back next time you see him at a race.

Mike runs an internet consulting business for automotive and powersports dealers and resides in Calgary, Alberta.

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