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I regret to be typing this, but with the governments failing to lift restrictions we are unable to hold an event for the foreseeable future before the weather would make it impossible. Therefore, we have cleared the schedule of all events. Here's hoping you have a great summer and we hope to see you next year.

In light of the recent extension of Enhanced Public Health Measures, we have had to postpone our first two races. As the situation progresses, we will be in contact with our venues and when we have further information it will be passed along as soon as possible. We appreciate that everyone wants to get racing as much as we do and are looking forward to the chance to do so. Thanks.

We just wanted to post a quick update on the situation with the schedule. The current health restrictions in place in Alberta, scheduled to last until January 12th, would prohibit us from holding an event. However, the trend in active cases looks positive (as seen in the information from Alberta Health above). We wanted everyone to know that we are monitoring the situation as close as we can and will provide you with further updates as soon as possible.

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