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Lac La Biche Race Format Update

The upcoming race in Lac La Biche is a two-day event. For most classes it will be one race spread over the 2 days. Only the Mini and Junior racers will run a separate race for each day. There will be no pre-registration for Minis or Juniors, registration at the track only on each day.

Our normal race format is that the top-two finishers in heat advance. Normally this means that in a class you could run just one heat and be out. For this two-day race we are changing up the format a little. Each entry in a class will be guaranteed at least 2 heats. In a lot of cases the winner of a heat will skip ahead to a further round, while the remaining three will get a second chance. In any case, you will need to be a winner in your second race or you are probably done. To be clear, it is a guaranteed 2 race format, NOT a double knock-out where you have to lose twice.

In the case that there are only 2 sleds in a class, it will be a best out of three races. For classes with more entries, here are some examples of how the format will work:

As this is a different format than most of us are used to, it will be important to keep an eye on the board. The plan is to run Rounds 1 and 2 on Saturday and the later Rounds and Finals on Sunday.

If anyone has any questions please let us know.



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