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Meadow Lake 2023 Snow Drags - Race Report

When Bruce The Moose makes an appearance, you know you are at the Meadow Lake Winter Festival. This stop was the final one of the season for the SSRA Choko Design Pro Racing Series. With several points battles to be decided the tension was high for many, while for others they were testing tunes and combinations in preparation for next season.

Classic Super stock saw a couple of sleds we haven’t seen in a while make a return to the track after a year+ layoff. The RnR Racing Summit showed no signs of slowing up and took the win in the Sport Class but the Muscle Class was once again won by the sled from Arnold Racing to cap off a very successful season for them.

Stock 600 was one of the classes where the points were tied coming into the final race of the year. The Flat Out Racing Viper came out on top though with the win on this day and also clinched the Championship. Stock 800 and 1000 were also tied before the race, but the DPH Racing sled ridden by Jackie Jarema won the 800 final and earned enough points in the 1000 final, coming second to Shawn Goodman of Edmonton, to capture both classes for the year.

It was great to see Mike Fowlow back at the track following his non-racing related crash and injuries. He had Tyler Roger ride his #673 Skidoo to a victory in Improved 700 as he looks forward to next year.

Making their first visit to an SSRA race this season, the team of Sonny Ahmo sleds from Crane River, Manitoba did very well with podium finishes in several classes.

In Outlaw, it was the big engine Polaris ridden by Morgan Couillinear from Ile a la Crosse that outran the rest of the pack to claim king of the snow at this final race. Coming second was the orange and black King Cat “Farm Sled” of Maxceleration Racing that earned enough points to clinch the series championship.

Be sure to check the results page for full details of this race and the season points standings.

As mentioned in a previous report, this was the last race for the SSRA’s Dale Roger as Race Director. At the awards following the race he was honored with a gift from a group of racers as a token of their appreciation for his efforts. It was an emotional moment to be sure and Dale would like to thank everyone for their years of support.

It was also this writer’s final race as an assistant with the SSRA, thus making this my final Race Report. Many years ago when I began with the group, the goal was to do my best to try and grow the sport and help make it safe, fair and fun for the racers. My hope is that to some extent my efforts were successful. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with Dale and his family and would like to sincerely thank them for the opportunity to be involved in this sport that we all love so much. I’d also like to personally thank racer Mike Fowlow for putting the nice photo collage together as well as thank the many racers who signed it. To say that I’m touched would be an understatement. Thanks to everyone for many great years as well as this final season. Race safe everyone, and I hope to see you on the snow sometime.


Mike LaValley



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