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Tech Summary

- 7 entries were moved to different classes as a result of items found and advice given to riders during tech inspection

- Zero sled/rider combos were required to add weight to make minimums

- Overall a very smooth day in tech

Race Summary

- Huge thanks to the Smokin Joes Racing team of Tiffany Dinwoodie and Tyler Matt for their assistance making this race happen! Given the conditions, the snow cat was essential and the crowd enjoyed the announcer. Thanks again!

- Speaking of conditions, the race day weather was fantastic, but mother nature still found a way to throw a monkey wrench into things. She opened an air hole in the ice about 30 feet in front of the starting line flooding the whole starting area of the track with water and making a slushy mess the night before the race. There was a delay in getting things started as a result, but a switch to racing from the original shut down end was the solution that allowed the race to happen.

- And speaking again of the Smokin Joes Team, they also got the hard luck award for mechanical failures with two of their beautiful pro sleds which took them out of the competition.

- There was a great turnout of local and new racers to a SSRA event, many of which placed well in the final heats. In particular, new to the SSRA racer Freddy Hebb has won Amateur Stock 800 in back to back weekends now in Wetaskiwin and Grande Prairie. Great job Freddy!

- Here a turbo, there a turbo, everywhere a turbo! Holy forced induction Batman, we saw a lot of turbo powered sleds this race. Being close to the mountains, these riders like their boost, and they brought it with them to the track. There were no less than 5 Yamaha Sidewinders, some custom turbo 4 stroke sleds, and some turbo two smokes racing as well! Given that more of the new sled manufacturers are employing the technology, are we starting to see a trend? Only time will tell.

- During the presentations after the race we commonly throw a friendly tease toward someone whose red light start turned out to be memorable. This race’s target, Mike Fowlow. Hard not to pick on that early jump in Stock 600 Mike. Good job the rest of the day though with 3 other first place finishes. Nice recovery!

- Grande Prairie also saw the return of SSRA member Patrick Penton to the circuit with his Yamaha Sidewinder race sled. Even tough it was his first race of the year, he made a statement taking his first wins in Open Improved and Mountain Improved.

- Nice to see the crew from Hay River in the Northwest Territories making it down for the race. And these guys weren’t slow, in fact Andrey Dziewe was fastest man on the lake this day taking the win in Outlaw! Congrats!

- Racers and spectators were treated to an impromptu air show when a helicopter made a couple of LOW altitude laps of the race site. It was kind of cool …

Tech Summary

- 21 entries were changed to different classes from what they were entered in after coming through tech inspection

- 1 sled was checked for minimal ground clearance and was asked to adjust their suspension to raise the front end.

- 2 sleds were required to add weight to meet minimum requirements

Race Summary

- Third time’s a charm! After missing the Wetaskiwin stop on the circuit for two years in a row due to a lack of snow, it finally came together this year. Mother nature tried her best to foil us right up to the bitter end though as it rained/snowed till just before the race started. Despite the conditions, the track held pretty well and the large crowd was treated to some awesome racing by a great turnout of racers. Thanks to event host Dwayne Heinz and his wife Neisje for organizing a wonderful event!

- In the category of no surprise;

Kevin Boudreau proved that his Vermilion results were no fluke with another strong showing winning Stock 800 for Black Betty Racing, again.

Tyler Galant – AKA Team Tyler in his General Lee themed Mini Pro sled was victorious again and is serving notice to those in Junior that he is knocking on their door.

- In the category of pleasant surprises;

It was great to see the Heaver 5 Racing team out at their first event of the year. They didn’t show much rust in their performance taking several podium finishes including a dominating win in Mountain Open. Congratulations guys.

A previous long time SSRA racer, Glen Galbraith from Sherwood Park, made it out with a Sidewinder SRX and placed well in Open Stock and Open Improved. Hopefully he can make it out to a couple more races.

- Great Guessing! After finding a dice cube, Kendall Freed of Nova Pro Racing decided to give it a roll and take a guess at the light in the Mountain Improved final. And it paid off! He went .001 on the tree jumping out to a several sled lead and managed to hold everyone off to win the class. Not sure if you call it a great guess or a bad job of red lighting but it worked, congrats.

- The Outlaw class is always a great show but this weekend it added an awesome finish to the spectacle. In the final, Tyler Matt on his Smokin’ Joes Racing entry edged out the turbocharged “Pumkin” of the 54 North Performance team by about 18 inches to take the win. We are heading to Tyler’s home of Grande Prairie for the next race so you know he is going to be amped up to repeat for the local crowd!

Tech Summary

- 6 sled/rider combos were required to make safety qualification passes

- 10 sleds were moved to different classes from what they were entered in after coming through tech inspection

- 2 sleds were checked for minimal ground clearance and passed

- 2 sleds were required to add weight to meet minimum requirements

Race Summary

- In spite of minimal snow conditions, we were treated to two great days of racing. Early season adrenaline got the best of some racers as there were quite a few red lights triggered on the starting trees.

- Even though some heats went as predicted, there were definitely some surprises. Improved 1000, which is always a tough class, saw no SSRA members reach a final on either day of racing.

- Stock 600 looks like it is going to be another tight points race this year with a tie for first place in points after two days of racing.

- Black Betty Racing has jumped out to an early lead in Stock 800 and 1000 but a strong performance by the RnR Racing sled on day 2 will make this match up one to watch in coming races.

- Fowlow Motorsports Racing has jumped into an early and large lead in Improved 700 on their newly acquired sled and the other members have their work cut out to catch him.

- There were some great performances put on by lady racers. Tiffany Dinwoodie on her 600 cc Smokin Joes Racing entry swept Pro Sno 600, 700, and 800 on Saturday including wins over her partner and team mate Tyler Matt on his 800 CC pro sled. Meanwhile Kirsten Saunders in her first weekend ever of racing pulled off her first win in Pro Sno 600 on her Pelican Racing prepared sleds. Watch out for these two ladies the rest of this season!

- The team representing 54 North Performance turned in a very impressive performance over the weekend winning several of the top classes but the Overbore Racing team has returned to racing to give them a run for their money.

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