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Lac La Biche Race Report

Tech Report

- 13 entries were changed to different classes upon being examined in tech. It’s important to note that not all of these changes were due to tech infractions. Some were due to racers being assisted in entering the best class for their sled

- One sled was required to add a tether cord as their sled wasn’t equipped with one.

- It was a pretty quiet day in tech as a lot of the racers had competed the previous day at the Janvier race.

Race Report

- It was a beautiful warm sunny day at the Winter Festival of Speed in Lac La Biche. The clear skis had the aircraft flying in from everywhere and landing on the lake as the Fly-In was just part of the action.

- High Speeds – another great track in Lac La Biche meant the top end speeds were outstanding. If you’ve never watched a race from the finish line, I highly recommend you do.

- Safety Again – speaking of high speeds, stuff can and does happen at high speeds. We witnessed a helmet get ripped off a racer’s head at over 160 kph on Sunday. Make sure they’re latched up and buckled up folks. For those racing in the fastest classes, this writer strongly recommends a traditional full face aerodynamically shaped helmet. The modular and motocross styles with visors can be an issue when you reach warp speed. I know many people like the motocross style, but they don’t reach these kinds of speeds in motocross.

- Speaking of high speeds again – when the air speed rips the side panels off their factory fasteners of a sled, you know you’re cooking. Happened twice at this race. Isn’t drag racing the coolest?

- Huge shout-out and thanks to the crew from the Airforce Cadets who were on hand to help us out on the starting line ensuring the racers were staged fairly. Thanks for all your help! Neisje Vleeming of the Heinz 57 Racing Team stepped up and helped us the day before in Janvier so special thanks to her as well. We appreciate your support!

- Speaking of Shout Outs – we’d like to mention a new racer to our circuit this season who has been doing very well with podium finishes at several races now including two wins in Lac La Biche. Congrats to fast Freddy Hebb from Whitecourt! Thanks for coming out and we hope to continue to see you at the races!

- With just one race left to go in the season, several racers were able to lock up their wins in the Championship Points this weekend. Winning a points championship takes a large commitment. Not only do you need to be fast, you have to show up and be fast at almost every race. Getting a podium finish at a majority of the races takes a large amount of effort so congrats to our winning members on a job well done.



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