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2020 Season News Broadcast

The 2020 Race Season is approaching almost as fast as an Outlaw race sled and we have some news and updates to share with you! In order to cover everything, we are going to be holding our first ever Facebook Live broadcast. This will allow us to cover all the news and take comments and questions from the racers as the broadcast progresses. Why Facebook Live? It is an interactive format and the video will be saved on our Facebook page to be viewed later for those who can't attend the live session.

Topics planned to be covered include:

- 2019 Season Championship Points Awards presentation details

- 2020 Season Schedule

- Announcement of host for 2020 Western Canadian Championships

- New class recap and floating the idea of a totally new style class

- Mini sleds for the 2020 season

- Race fuel orders for the 2020 season

- and more!

Because of the nature of our page you shouldn't have to be a Facebook user to watch the video. A link to our Facebook page is located on the bottom of every page of the website. However, if you log in to Facebook to attend the Live session, you will be able to post questions and comments during the presentation.

We ask that you bear with us as this is the first time for us with this new format and we will try to keep technical snags to a minimum.

The LIVE broadcast is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11th at 8:30 pm Saskatchewan/Manitoba time (7:30 pm Mountain Time in Alberta).

See you then!



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