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Vermilion Race Report

Tech Summary

- 6 sled/rider combos were required to make safety qualification passes

- 10 sleds were moved to different classes from what they were entered in after coming through tech inspection

- 2 sleds were checked for minimal ground clearance and passed

- 2 sleds were required to add weight to meet minimum requirements

Race Summary

- In spite of minimal snow conditions, we were treated to two great days of racing. Early season adrenaline got the best of some racers as there were quite a few red lights triggered on the starting trees.

- Even though some heats went as predicted, there were definitely some surprises. Improved 1000, which is always a tough class, saw no SSRA members reach a final on either day of racing.

- Stock 600 looks like it is going to be another tight points race this year with a tie for first place in points after two days of racing.

- Black Betty Racing has jumped out to an early lead in Stock 800 and 1000 but a strong performance by the RnR Racing sled on day 2 will make this match up one to watch in coming races.

- Fowlow Motorsports Racing has jumped into an early and large lead in Improved 700 on their newly acquired sled and the other members have their work cut out to catch him.

- There were some great performances put on by lady racers. Tiffany Dinwoodie on her 600 cc Smokin Joes Racing entry swept Pro Sno 600, 700, and 800 on Saturday including wins over her partner and team mate Tyler Matt on his 800 CC pro sled. Meanwhile Kirsten Saunders in her first weekend ever of racing pulled off her first win in Pro Sno 600 on her Pelican Racing prepared sleds. Watch out for these two ladies the rest of this season!

- The team representing 54 North Performance turned in a very impressive performance over the weekend winning several of the top classes but the Overbore Racing team has returned to racing to give them a run for their money.



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