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Update to Open Improved Rules

Before explaining the changes, it will help to recap the previous Open Improved Stock rules. This class was created for the factory four stroke sleds with minimum modifications. As 2 stroke sleds to a maximum of 800 cc's were allowed, the class basically followed 800 Improved rules (that is why there was no stutter or launch control in Open Improved, it wasn't allowed in 800 Improved). These rules made the class fit into a somewhat awkward spot in the class listing as it was more than 800 Improved but lower than 1000 Improved, but was called Open Improved.

For the upcoming season, the Improved Classes are more rationalized. Open Improved will slot in above Improved 1000 making the class progression 800-1000-Open. Both 800 cc and 1000 cc 2 stroke Improved sleds will be able to move into Open Improved. Improved 1000 concepts and rules will apply to the factory 4 stroke turbo sleds in this class. This allows the factory 4 stroke turbo sleds to have more engine, intake, ignition, and exhaust changes than previously allowed in Open Improved. The idea is to mirror the modifications allowed in 1000 Improved on the factory 4 stroke sleds. The class is slotted in above 1000 Improved due to the potential power levels possible.

These changes give the 1000 cc 2 stroke Improved sleds another class to compete in without having to move into the Pro Sno classes and above. It also simplifies tech in the Open Improved class.

Please note that with this change there is also a change in the progression to the Mountain Classes. Open Improved sleds may still progress to the Mountain Open class if they meet the track requirements, but will no longer be allowed to compete in Mountain Improved. Open Stock qualified sleds will still be allowed to compete in Mountain Improved if meeting the track requirements.

We look forward to watching the battle between 2 stroke 1000 cc Improved sleds and 4 stroke Open Improved sleds this season.

For more details please visit the Open Stock - Open Improved rules page HERE.



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